Design Services

We listen and understand our direct customers, as well as their end consumers, to find the best design and manufacturing solutions for their injection molding needs.


Brainstorm with our experts and turn your ideas into reality

Our experts can help our customers turn their ideas into reality by providing innovative designs that can help their products to stand out on the shelves, without forgetting about the supply chain and logistics concerns.Our customers can benefit from our lightweighting solutions to improve the existing designs while reducing the carbon footprint and the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).


Consultation Services, 2D Sketches and 3D Modeling Prototypes

After brainstorming with our customer's marketing, product management and/or engineering teams, we will provide a competitive proposal and timing to execute the project.

At this stage, we can include preliminary prototypes like 2D Sketches or 3D Models, pilot tooling , as well as functional assessment and product line trials once we have concluded the test phase. The marketing teams can, thank you to this approach, organize focus groups, analyze the size impression of the samples and proof them.



We have a special department for the strict quality inspection before shipment and we also accept the third party inspection.our professional packaging for each different products will protect your goods from getting damaged during their transit. We accept various transportation such as sea shipping, air express, courier, railway ect. Our experienced service team will assure the goods are well delivered to your hands.